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What are the repair fees on out of warranty products?
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G-Series Voice Pager products & accessories that are out of warranty can be repaired for a flat rate repair fee, if eligible. The flat rate repair program is limited to repairable products only. Products determined to be unrepairable (unable to be repaired/ not economical to repair/ unable to refurbish) will be returned unrepaired in their original condition. 

The OOW (Out of Warranty) fees listed below are the flat rate pricing set by Unication USA. Dealers may have additional fees to cover shipping, time, and other services

Unication Flat Rate Repair Fees:
G1 Voice Pager $109.00 
G2/G4 Voice Pager $179.00
G3/G5 Voice Pager $199.00
Micro USB Port Replacement ONLY (G2-G5)*

Accessories Flat Rate Repair Fees:
G1 Programmer $40.00
G1 Desktop Charger $45.00
G1 Amplified Charger $75.00
G2-G5 Desktop Charger $55.00
G2-G5 Amplified Charger $85.00

*Available for G2-G5 Voice Pager units requiring ONLY the Micro USB Port replacement, with no other issues.


  • Dealer will be prompted to check warranty and approve repair fee when opening the RMA ticket.
  • Do not ship device until instructed by Unication technician.
  • Repaired device includes a 30-day warranty on the repaired part only.
  • All P25 Voice Pagers (G2-G5) sent in for repair must include the device antenna. If the issue is labeled as Powercycling or Charging, include the battery as well.
  • Unication’s Flat Rate Repair Program is limited to repairable devices (unable to be repaired/ not economical to repair/ unable to refurbish) only. No replacement device will be provided if repair is not possible. The unrepaired device will be returned unrepaired in the condition received.

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